Early Music Department

The Early Music Department at EMESP Tom Jobim develops a pedagogic project of a unique nature in the country: a programme on period instruments, carefully prepared by a team of expert teachers with international experience. The department is under the supervision of Luis Otavio Santos and offers to students specific practices of historic interpretation of early music, such as: basso continuo, Baroque analysis, musical rhetoric, period terminology, further to chamber music and early instruments lessons.

Teacher staff comprises:

Luis Otavio Santos | Baroque violin

Ricardo Kanji | Recorder

Livia Lanfranchi | Traverso

Natalia Chahin | Baroque bboe

João Guilherme Figueiredo | Baroque cello

Alessandro Santoro | Harpsichord

Guilherme de Camargo | Baroque plucked strings

Marília Vargas | Baroque singing


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