Advanced Education

The Advanced Education Programme (4th cycle) offers subjects on expertise areas as follows: composition, choir conducting, early music, Opera Studio and advanced instrumental practice (classical and popular).

Each modality of the programmes of Advanced Education Programmes has their own specific duration: Composition– 4 years; Choir conducting– 4 years; Opera Studio, – 2 years; Early Music – 4 years; Advanced instrumental practice– 2 years.

As for the 4th cycle, there is no age limit for admission and the hourly load is 6 hours/week. The 4th cycle is aimed at students, who already hold musical education equivalent to the completion of the 3rd cycle at EMESP Tom Jobim, complete education or close to completion or completed in undergraduate degree in music.

New areas of specialty may be offered if the school exhibits such pedagogic needs and, bearing in mind the new professions in music related to new technologies, musical pedagogy or specific instrumental practice.

The education programmes of the 4th cycle are as follows:

1. Accordion
2. Mandolin
3. Drums
4. Classical chant
5. Popular chant
6. Cavaquinho
7. Classical clarinet
8. Popular clarinet
9. Popular acoustic double bass
10. Electric double bass
11. Classical double bass
12. Euphonium
13. Bassoon
14. Classical flute
15. Popular flute
16. Electric guitar
17. Oboe
18. Classical percussion
19. Popular percussion
20. Classical piano
21. Popular piano
22. Classical saxophone
23. Classical saxophone
24. Classical bass trombone
25. Popular bass trombone
26. Classical trombone
27. Trombone popular
28. French horn
29. Classical trumpet
30. Popular trumpet
31. Tuba
32. Viola caipira
33. Classical viola
34. Classical guitar
35. Popular guitar
36. 7-string guitar
38. Violin
39. Cello
40. Early Music: Baroque plucked strings (lute, theorbo and Baroque electric guitar)
41. Early Music: Harpsichord
42. Early Music: Baroque violin
43. Early Music: Baroque cello
44. Early Music: Baroque Oboe
45. Early Music: Recorder
46. Early Music: Baroque flute
47. Composition
48. Conducting
49. Opera Studio
50. Chant Coral
51. Baroque chant