Performance Groups

Performance groups act as a bridge between learning and professionalization, besides allowing for a smooth transition between the classroom and the music hall, also providing real world experience.

Diffusion groups at EMESP Tom Jobim offer scholarships for students of the pre-professionalization phase. EMESP has the following groups: Sao Paulo State Youth Concert Band, Sao Paulo State Youth Choir, Sao Paulo State Youth Orchestra and Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra.

As of 2009, Santa Marcelina Cultura has implemented actions of importance to the requalification of those groups, in such a fashion as to have them in the format of projects of education of high levels for music students in pre-professional level. They have been submitted to the same pedagogic guidelines of EMESP Tom Jobim.

Furthermore, scholarship students must be mandatorily EMESP students, the system of rehearsal of the groups has been modified in order to concentrate and optimize the learning of students and improve the artistic results of concerts and, finally, the age limit for joining the groups has been lowered to set clearly the focus of the work in each group.