The Sao Paulo State Youth Choir

The eclectic repertoire and dynamic performances of the Sao Paulo State Youth Choir reflect a pedagogic-artistic proposal that goes beyond singing. It has been create as a way to develop skills of students integrally; the project does not work solely on the human voice but also on performance-related matters and vocal interpretation: such as body expression and musical sensitivity.

It was restructured in 2015 upon the arrival of the residing conductor Tiago Pinheiro and the vocal coach Marília Vargas, the choir established an important artistic triad. Besides the fundamental lyric repertoire, the group started to explore early and popular music – that is inclusive of the creation of a unit of popular music in the choir. Such diversity – in combination with opportunities to range from Baroque singing to popular, next to renowned soloists, arrangers and groups – allows the young singers to acquire an education of a technical and intellectual range, transforming students into artists capable of exploring their bodies and voices in the most creative and precise fashion.


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