Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra

It is dedicated especially to Brazilian orchestral popular music. Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra has a very particular sonority. It also fits the tradition of radio and TV orchestras, also in very particular and recent characteristics. Besides the flexibility and plurality of the old times orchestras, Tom Jobim has a contemporary outlook, which stems from a repertoire formed mainly by arrangements conceived for the group.

On stage, it makes use of the power and expressiveness of a symphony orchestra (with ensembles of strings, woodwind and brass instruments), the strength and energy of a rhythmic section (piano, electric bass, electric guitar, drums and percussion). Such combination, which carries plenty of vitality, comes from a distinct sound, a typically Brazilian pronunciation [accent] of concert music.

Created in 2001, during the International Winter festival of Campos de Jordão, the EMESP diffusion and musical education group allows for classical and popular orchestra experience to scholarship students, by means of the study of traditional pieces by major national composers, with special dedication to the work of Tom Jobim, besides research and musical experimentation.

The programming, from the choice of repertoire to the dynamic rehearsals, is accomplished with the education of the scholarship students. Young musicians rehearse and perform along with guest soloists and enjoy a rich exchange of knowledge and experience. The complete experience – intense rehearsals, classes taught by guests who are reputable in the industry and the exploration of a repertoire versatile and innovative – helping young musicians not only to improve style and technique wise, but also to gain deep understanding of making music.


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